Notes during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic

Japan will hold the Olympic & Paralympic Game 2020 in Tokyo with the following schedule;

Olympic game: Friday July 24th ~ Sunday Aug 9th

Paralympic game: Tuesday Aug 25th ~ Sunday Sept 6th

During the game period, it is anticipated that significant traffic congestions will arise in the highways of Tokyo in both inbound and outbound directions and also in local highways of neighboring prefectures in Greater Tokyo Area.  Accordingly, it is also obvious that due to such traffic congestions there will be significant delays expected in deliveries of all incoming and outgoing shipments to/from our office in Tokyo including machinery, parts, and consumables, and we might have to find a possible other alternative for logistics method or spare time slot for rescheduling in order to make smooth deliveries to our customers in time.  For keeping our delivery schedules under management and control during the Olympic game in July-August, we would kindly ask our customers about their cooperation to expedite their procurement process as well as to avoid unnecessary delivery arrangements that may overlap with the event period.  Further in the meantime we will also carefully see to it that our customers are fully noticed in advance about the risk that all goods deliveries to their locations may be delayed at that time.

For more details, please always make sure to consult with our sales/logistic team prior to shipping arrangements.  Please also bear in mind that during the Olympic game it would become quite difficult for travelers in Japan to book hotels & tickets for trains and flights nationwide.  When you plan your business trips to Japan during this event, it is highly recommended that you secure several other travel options in your itinerary just in case (e.g. route of transportation, location of hotel…). 

Your understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated.