Installed and started operation of solar panels at PET bottle material manufacturing plant ~Aiming to achieve “carbon neutrality” throughout the Group in Japan and overseas~

ALTECH NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD. (Fukui Prefecture) a domestic group company of ALTECH CO., LTD. that manufactures preforms used to make beverage PET bottles, installed 640 solar panels on the roof of its first plant and began operating them in August 2023. This will enable the plant to cover a portion of its electricity consumption (projected to be approximately 260,000 kw per year) with renewable energy, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, following the installation of solar panels at Plant 1, we will consider installing solar panels on the roof of Plant 2, which manufactures recycled PET resin, as essential component of the “Bottle to Bottle” initiative.


Overseas group company installs and begins operation of 15,000 solar panels

Our main base in China, Altech New Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has already installed and started operating solar panels in 2021. The plant has 15,000 solar panels with a total installed area of 37,500 square meters, a total power output of 6 megawatts (6 million kw), and a CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 4,550 tons, contributing to the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions. ALTECH is committed to reducing CO2 emissions throughout the Group, both in Japan and overseas, and is striving to achieve carbon neutrality.

【Altech New Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.】