Notes Measures to Reduce the Risk of Infection Regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Business Partners and customers,

The Government of Japan completed cancellation of the emergency declaration on 25 May, 2020. Provided, in consideration of the health of both our stakeholders and staffs, we will take the following actions for the time being:

【Correspondence contents】

 We will change the working form as follows:

 1.Shift Work

  ・Assist for Sales Department Dept.

  ・General Affairs Dept.

  ・Accountant’s Dept.

  ・Corporate Planning Dept.

 2.Regular work with a limitation

  ・(All)Sales Depts.

  ・Engineering Dept.

  ・New Business Dept.

  ・Internal audit office Dept.

 The staffs belong to above Depts. shall get approval from our company prior to going outside for work.

If you are a manufacturer, we would like you to ship the products etc to Japan according to the terms and conditions under the trade contract between us.

Thank you for your understanding.