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  Altech was founded in 1976 as a trading company specializing in the import and sale of printing and packaging machinery, providing our national and international customers with industrial machines and equipment boasting the latest technologies from Europe and the United States. Having expanded our product fields since then to meet changes in the market environment and the diverse needs of customers, we have now added a wide range of machines and equipment to our product lineup, including equipment related to IC cards, security and nanotechnology, plastic/elastic molders, 3D printers, medical product fillers, food processing machines, water processing devices, and waste plastic recycling/processing machines.

  Our Trading division, improving its acquired, proposal-based sales force, will do its best to satisfy customers more than ever.

   And this division works not only in Japan but also abroad to meet the needs of Japanese businesses operating in China and Southeast Asia by stationing Japanese employees with sales experience in the local corporations we have established in Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh.

  Let me now explain our Preform division. Altech, hoping to take advantage of the experience and expertise in plastic and PET bottle forming that it has developed over the years as a trading company specializing in industrial machinery, launched a business in Suzhou, China in 2002 to manufacture PET bottle preforms. This preforms manufacturing business grew steadily owing to the subsequent market expansion, leading us to establish production plants in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China in 2004 and in Indonesia in 2007. We currently have five local corporations in China and Indonesia and have developed a system that provides stable supplies of PET bottle preforms and plastic caps to major manufacturers of beverages and cooking oil, both within Japan and abroad.

  Having started out in this way as an industrial machinery trading company, the Altech Group today positions its principal trading business since its foundation and the preforms business that it launched in 2002 as the group's two core businesses, which serve as a pair of wheels that aim to achieve the stable growth of the entire group.

  Altech has long prided itself on its ability to adapt rapidly and appropriately to change by viewing environmental changes positively as business opportunities, rather than being hesitant with regard to business and market changes. While environmental change will continue its unhesitating progress and draw us into its whirlwind with greater speed and magnitude than ever before, Altech will take advantage of its strength as a "Trading company X Manufacturer" to combine its ability to gather information with its know-how of production, and offer its customers the best solutions.

  For Altech, 2016 is a year of the 40th anniversary of the establishment. We owe this milestone to the support and encouragement of each and every customer, which we greatly appreciate. We Altech employees intend to return to the basics and unite as one to further our efforts. We ask for your continued and unwavering support.

Norihiro Chono

President & CEO